I am a web developer a software developer a network admin Daniel James

I am a software developer based in Florence, Kentucky in the United States. I am currently a web developer for a company called HealthWarehouse.com. I'm also an associate member of the Free Software Foundation, and am currently package maintainer of GNU TeX for the Impatient. If you'd like to see some of my projects, check out my GitHub profile here!
Web Design

I'm familiar with everything from frontend languages such as HTML and Javascript to backend development, such as Python (using Flask) and PHP, as well as different databases such as MySQL and MongoDB. I am also very experienced with Magento and the Zend PHP framework.

Free and Open Source Software

In addition to web design, I also have an interest in Free and Open Source Software. All of my personal projects are released under a permissive license (such as the BSD 2-clause or MIT license). I feel that all code should be freely available, so others can study it and learn from it.

My Résumé

Want to know more? Check out my résumé! It's available in PDF format. The original LaTeX source code is also available here.


GNU TeX for the Impatient

Package Homepage

GNU TeX for the Impatient

TeX for the Impatient is a ~350 page book on TeX, plain TeX, and Eplain, originally written by Paul Abrahams, Kathryn Hargreaves, and Karl Berry. It is now a free GNU package, released under the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3. I am the current maintainer of this package.

HealthWarehouse.com, Inc.

Site Link

HealthWarehouse.com, Inc.

HealthWarehouse.com (OTC: HEWA) is a publicly traded retail mail-order pharmacy based in the Cincinnati metropolitan area. I am currently their head software engineer.

My Personal GitHub Profile

GitHub Link

My GitHub Profile

This is a link to my GitHub profile. It contains many of the projects shown on this site. The source code for this site is available there as well.

Three.js WebGL Examples

Three.js WebGL Examples

Three.js WebGL Examples

Three.js is a cross-browser JavaScript library/API used to create and display animated 3D computer graphics in a web browser. Three.js uses WebGL. I am currently learning Three.js. This page contains my own Three.js 3D animations here.

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